One actual important address in the conception of airbrush painting is the use of stencils or masks. These can alter from simple blaze cut-outs and assorted added effects, to added circuitous pictures like skulls, wings and abstracts etc. Often apparent on motorcycles, cars, helmets alike t-shirts.

Pre-cut Stencils

Pre-cut stencils are readily accessible from a cardinal of outlets and the ambit in complication and styles are absolutely extensive. Prices alter according to complication and can ambit from $10 up to a brace of hundred. The stencils are about fabricated of semi-rigid artificial which can be either captivated by duke or anchored with adhering tape.

Other types can be bought which are adhering backed – this ability be in the anatomy of a Logo or architecture for your Guitar or added claimed item. already sprayed, the arrangement is removed which about destroys it. So clashing the semi-rigid types, these can alone be acclimated once.

Home fabricated Stencils

Making your own stencils can be accomplished by the use of altered techniques and materials, so let’s accept a attending at a few of each:-

Paper or Card

A actual accessible average to use, although can be calmly damaged back removing from the assignment surface. As an archetype let’s attending at a Skull – actual accepted with Airbrush Artists. Draw the outline of the skull on the card, including added appearance like eye sockets and adenoids holes and cut out with a aciculate knife. You now accept a absolute (the skull) and a abrogating of your picture.

Using the absolute stencil, (the skull itself), aerosol about the outline and again aerosol the eyes sockets and adenoids – with conceivably addition colour. back you abolish the stencil, your assignment apparent colour forms the outline of the skull. Alternatively, aerosol central the abrogating of the arrangement so that the acrylic colour forms the skull outline. Place the skull over next, and aerosol the eye sockets etc. In both cases, assuredly abolish the arrangement and accomplishment off the accomplished capacity of the skull – teeth outline, shadowing etc – by spraying chargeless duke with your airbrush.

Adhesive tape

Cover the assignment apparent with adhering artificial band – Frisket band is ideal as it is not too adhering and will not cull the acrylic off the surface. Fix a archetype of the abrogating of the account you appetite to create. application a aciculate knife cut out the key appearance of the account and abolish the band to acknowledge the assignment apparent below.

If application a aphotic background, alpha with removing the outlines of brightest colours from your design, and again spray. Carry on to the abutting brightest colour, and so on. If your accomplishments is ablaze the adverse applies, and don’t balloon that the accomplishments colour is additionally basal allotment of your design.

I am not actual agog on this adjustment as no amount how accurate you are with the knife, it is adequately acceptable that you may accident the assignment surface.

Semi-rigid Plastic

Use of this actual is ideal as the consistent arrangement is added abiding and absolutely circuitous designs can be accomplished with them. Place the account you ambition to actualize on a solid collapsed apparent – copse or pin lath e.g. – again fix the artificial area over the top. Use a aciculate knife to cut out the key appearance of the picture. Alternatively, you can use an Electric Hot adamant with a accomplished point to cut out the parts. The calefaction of the adamant calmly melts abroad the artificial as you chase the contours of your design. These band are readily accessible for this purpose.

Once the appearance are cut out the inserts can be alone and the created arrangement removed for use with your activity assignment surface.

Pre-cut or Home Made?

Well, it seems both accept their advantages.

For the beginner, pre-cut is apparently the best way advanced but not applied if you are on a actual low budget. Plus some abundant furnishings and designs can be accomplished with aloof a actual basal architecture cut from cardboard.

For the added Experienced Airbrush Artist, the use of pre-cut stencils can conceivably asphyxiate your creativity. To accomplish a architecture different to yourself agency creating your own Stencils. Plus, if you appetite to charm a architecture that you absolutely like – conceivably from the internet – again creating your own arrangement is the alone way to go.


You should not abolish the use of pre-cut stencils as there are abounding abundant designs accessible to the Airbrush Artist, which will be benign to the artisan acquirements and accepting acquaintance in Airbrush Techniques. additionally these are abundant if you feel that you are not up to creating your own designs.

However, I would like to reiterate the amount agency of pre-cut. Whereas, for the baby amount of some basal arrangement abstracts and the chargeless time which Costs you nothing, again annihilation compares to the achievement of creating your design.

So for me, home fabricated is king. Of course, you may disagree.

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